Research assistant University of Würzburg, Germany

PhD candidate Queen Mary University of London, UK


A large part of my research interest falls in the intersection of AI and music. Currently, my main research interest is in automatic music transcription. I am developing algorithms that can transcribe music audio recordings into a readable score format, e.g. MusicXML.

More generally, I’m also interested in:

  • Music Information Retreival
  • Symbolic Music Modelling
  • Automatic Music Composition
  • Natural Language Processing


Universität Würzburg
Hubland Nord (ZPD)
Emil-Hilb-Weg 23
97074 Würzburg

Building: ZPD
Room: 02.007

E-Mail (Würzburg): lele.liu [at] uni-wuerzburg.de
E-Mail (Queen Mary): lele.liu [at] qmul.ac.uk